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Love is a reaction to Virtues.

Love is a form of appreciation.

Emotions are reactions.

Reactions come from expectations.

Expectations come from goals.

Goals come from intentions.

Intentions come from Priorities.

A categorized topic can be prioritized.

Numbers In Math Part 2

Numbers are neutral and replaceable
such as for new perspectives from
alternative contextualization as formations
of understanding that have the potential
to be interesting and sometimes useful
for position relations and references of
configurations and designing presentations.

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Exam Questions (draw a picture and describe):
1. Describe the relationship between weight and density and bulk or mass.
2. Describe the relationship between motion or velocity or quantity and
progression in whole units.

20210321CoslorJustinM--GEOMETRY--When-R-Equals-1-Then-D-Equals-2.jpg 277 KB
20210322CoslorJustin-When-C-Equals-3-Pi-Equals-3-And-When-C-Equals-4-Pi-Equals-4-Etc-Because D-Equals-D-Equals-1-AND-C-Equals-C.jpg 158KB

Justin-Coslor-C-EQUALS-C-Waveform-Geometry.jpg Approximately 36 KB March 2nd 2022

So you can see why it is inaccurate to round Decimal Fractions Up
from one decimal to the next one before it towards the decimal point
beyond the second decimal digit.
In other words, 0-9 1/1000 of a dollar does not equal one cent.
9/1000 of a dollar does not equal 1 cent, so it is impossible to round it
up to 1 cent.


The Circumference of a circle = 2*Pi*R
and when D=1 R=1/2 and Circumference=Pi*D because 2R=D so C=Pi
The Radius of a circle = R = Diameter/2 = D/2
The Area of a circle = Pi*R^2 and when D=1 the circle Area= Pi*(D/2)^2
The Volume of a sphere = Pi*R^3 and when D=1 the sphere Volume=Pi*(D/2)^3

Therefore: beyond the third Decimal Point of Pi it is just fade to black
with the black of neutral space not extending very far out at all.
Beyond our whole Universe it would therefore be like pure Energy
extending out infinitely where Universes can be formed, some interacting,
some not interacting, and our whole Universe would be inside a finite void
of space approaching an infinitessimally small limit of distance
i.e. 1/10 D + 4/100 A + 1/1000 V + . . out from the edge of the Universe,
such that in the Infinity of Pure Energy,
if our Universe as a whole were of size Diameter = 3, then about 3.141 / 2
of the way out from its Center exists the outer reaches of space and our
Universe occupies almost all of it, and it is stable because
Energy Is Eternal.

Note: in Math, the exponent is how many dimensions that the base is in.
Therefore 10^0 is base 10 to the exponent Zero,
and anything to the exponent Zero is Zero Dimensional, and is
thus infinitely small and is thus a point equal to One as in
the beginning of the Natural Number System at the first point.
That first point is then followed by a second point exactly One Unit
of space away from it, and the second point is followed by a third point
exactly One Unit of space away from it, and the fourth point is exactly
One Unit of space away from the third point, and so on, and we call that
the Natural Number System's "Number Line."

The Natural Number System is made of whole numbers thus it starts at 1.
Whole numbers beyond one are either prime or are made of prime numbers
connected called composite numbers, and whole numbers go Odd, Even, Odd,
Even, Odd, etc. and two is the first prime number and is the only prime
number that is both even and prime. The other even numbers are not prime,
but they are all compatible and all even number bases are countable to each
other. All of the prime numbers other than the number 2 are odd, but not all
odd numbers are prime such as if they are made of more than one prime number
connected together. Prime bases connected are not prime, and a prime base
multiplied by itself is not prime. All natural numbers are divisible by
themselves and all natural numbers are divisble by One. However, if a natural
number is divisible by more than one whole number other than itself,
then it is not prime.

Prime Numbers are Natural Whole Number Balance Units along the Number Line,
and that is why the point representing the number One is not prime, because
it is a beginning point not a Whole Unit, a unit is the distance between
two points, and an object is a noun described by adjectives, and a number is
a position in space or a position along an object or inside an object.
the inside of an object is "Tomography". Mapping a surface is "Topography".
Prime Numbers are the Balance Points in the Universe.
Primes Divide the Universe and Connect.
The entire Universe is an experiment in attraction.
PRIME NUMBERS: A prime number is a number that has no divisors before it.
The number 1 is a balance not a divisor.

Visualizing an equation is like building an engine or a clockwork device.
For more of my writing visit:




Justin M Coslor -- 1.5 minute Resume Video Interview on YouTube


Sciences are compatible.

Can you think of anything that cannot be described in terms of patterns in contexts?


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20151225_Sine_and_Cosine_Postulate-by-Justin_Coslor.jpg 137 KB


START HERE - PICForm Tree Template demo


5/16/2014 Justin Coslor -- PICForm
It relates from within to around with names.
I want to turn PICForm into a search engine, but I'm not sure how yet.


5/28/2013 Justin Coslor -- New way to prove Sine Spiral Graphing

To prove that the Sine Wave is a two dimensional perpendicular side view of a helix spiral and that the Cosine Wave is a two dimensional perpendicular top view of a helix spiral, shine a flashlight at the helix spiral from the top view and side view inside a box and the silhouettes of the shadows on the walls will look like a Sine Wave and Cosine Wave. This is similar to Plato's metaphor about shadows on the walls of a cave in regard to knowledge. The unit circle going around and around as time passes is similar to treating time as a particle with another point of matter orbiting around it similar to a helix spiral as the time particle falls through space.


5/13/2013 Justin M Coslor -- How to drink coffee

Two sips per page or two (reading). Two sips per paragraph or two (writing). Two sips per outline framework (math maps, and artwork). Two sips per melody or per three measures (music composition & recording editing sessions). When studying, trace artwork with the mind's eye to be able to remember it, then reverse engineer it to map out some of its possibility space through guesswork. To drink black coffee, pour it hot then let it cool to either a warm or cold temperature. Coffee lasts for many days sitting out in the open without molding or spoiling.

Justin Coslor 5-13-2013.


7/20/2012 Justin M Coslor -- The Emergence of Algorithms

It helps to plug in numbers to an example of an idea such as a math idea. So the full expression of the process is 1. Choose a topic, 2. Set goals about the topic, 3. Ask networks of questions about the topic and the goals related to the topic, 4. Write down the ideas that emerge, 5. Do an elaborate example of the idea such as by plugging in numbers and writing it all down, 6. Study the examples generated of the ideas that emerged and streamline the system into a formalized mathematical algorithm, 7. Share the algorithm with friends and family and colleagues, 8. Publish a paper on it. It also helps to draw dependency charts, flow charts, diagrams, and pictures of it such as photos or a comic book or cartoon. A song or poem about it can make it memorable and approachable.


6/18/2012 Justin M Coslor -- Knowledge Representation Alternative to PICForm

Shapes In Locations (SIL) can be an alternative to Patterns In Contexts (PICForm). There are no doubt also many other alternative simplified knowledge representations methods for Artificial Intelligence software tools.


6/21/2012 Justin M Coslor -- Knowledge Representation Alternative to PICForm

Structures In Systems (SIS) can be another alternative alternative to Patterns In Contexts (PICForm).


7/1/2012 Justin M Coslor -- Mathematics & Logic

This is a new update to my Sine Spiral Graphing ideas: Mathematics&

Mathematics& contains .jpeg photos of some notes I wrote this afternoon while reading a math equation book and a little while thereafter this evening. Let me know if the ideas make sense in various other contexts. Thanks. JMC.


January 23rd, 2012 to January 26th, 2012 by Justin M Coslor

Machinery Projects

So for a project I am trying to build a simple low-budget [[X,Y],Z] axis robot for moving a motor tool (for CNC Machining of parts) or wood-burner tool (for engraving), that will fit in a suitcase along with a laptop or microcontroller (Arduino Uno + EasyStep stepper motor drivers) and be programmable with an USB-port-converted old Nintendo controller (Left-Right-Up-Down (to move the work) in the [X,Y] axis, and A and B to move the Z-axis (that holds the tool) up and down) using stepper motors and a microcontroller ladder logic circuit. To make it programmable I was thinking of using a database, and maybe each pixel in a 3D image simulation could be represented by a box in a database, such that each layer of pixels (like a pancake) is represented by a database page of boxes, such that the image is composed of a stack of layers of pixels or a collection (Z pages) of database (X,Y) pages. Is that how it is done in OpenGL or DirectX or RayTracing? It seems like if a lot of people had these that there would be many more various specialized and compatible parts out there for making all sorts of products. CNC machines normally cost several thousand dollars but I am building it for about $100 using parts from hardware stores and ordered online (Amazon, eBay, etc). I hope to someday make a machine that can make carbon nano-tubes out of charcoal and another machine that makes lumber out of hay, and reinforce the hay lumber with the carbon nano-tubes, to protect forests. Maybe even do something with space telerobotics, for gigantic structures in space, push a button and it builds a planet or something. Gardening is a form of terraforming.

So the database of pixels for a 3D image is like a stack of waffles. Add some strawberries and cream and you're good to go. There might be a database simplification subroutine that deletes all but the edge pixels for each waffle layer to hollow it out so that the virtual reality hologram (avatar) doesn't take up much memory, and who looks inside much anyway except for tomography for MRI brain scans and studying the astronomy of galaxies (though the astronomy supercomputer hard drive could contextualize the requested scale of perspective depth of galaxy then generate models at that scale of hollow virtual reality avatar objects to speed things up such as for making guided-tour motion sequences for posting on the internet). Also the pixel size could be variable to decrease the resolution to save on memory space. Also the pixels could be turned grayscale, or have a skin projected onto the 3D surface structure from some pattern or photo or be simplified to a wire-frame of triangles and/or splines.


6/4/2012 to 6/5/2012 Justin Coslor -- Up

With simple trigonometry, motion on a plane can be described in terms of side to side through time (Cosine) and up and down through time (Sine), and when you put them both together it looks like a helix spiral along (around) a timeline like a coil. A lot of electronics are also based on coils. Sine and Cosine might be named after the Sun and Moon, or related to the twelve or more galactic compass directions (of maybe even towards ancient distant space civilizations) which is really 24 directions, like a 24 hour clock, but it seems more like forwards and backwards in 12 directions. The wristwatch seems like a miniature timespace grid of what direction "up" is pointed across and beyond the galaxy at any given in that sense the hour hand of a wristwatch might be about which direction up is, and the minute hand and the minutes hand would be increments of 1/60ths offset from that and the seconds hand would be increments of 1/60ths offset from that, and the number 60 was probably used because 60=2*2*3*5 = 3*4*5 and fractions and/or ratios of 3*4*5 are probably really simple to calculate and visually estimate in terms of triads and quadrants and quintuple stars as directions around a compass rose of the galaxy and beyond. How many thirds of three? How many fourths of four? How many fifths of five? Multiply them all together as a fraction of sixty and you have a simple visual way to estimate approximately how far offset "up" is from the closest of the 24 directions (i.e. 360 degrees divided by 24 sections). *I will need to verify that sixty part approximation system extensively on paper one of these days. I wonder if Pitch, Yaw, Roll, X horizontal, and Y verticle might also be related to the 3*4*5 system for estimating which direction "up" is at any moment along a moving body's timeline such as for using the system in geometric and trigonometric angles such as angle partitions of a circle, and how it relates to the ratio of the distance around a circle in terms of the distance across a circle (pi).

Also, I wonder if the tomography inside lightning looks like fractals? 6/5/2012 Justin Coslor -- I noticed today while drinking iced tea that the ice in the glass stayed fairly stationary when moving in the X and Y and Z directions, though it rotated inside the glass when the glass was rotated in the pitch and yaw and roll directions. Maybe that is something about geometry or motion or gravity or diamagnetics? The glass seemed like a bearing surface for the ice inside it.


3/11/2012 Justin M Coslor -- Simulation

You can simulate whatever you can notice symmetry in.

The mind can simulate anything detectable (i.e. noticing patterns, which are repetitions, which are symmetries). If something is detectable that means it is noticable, and guesswork relies on noticeable patterns for simulated configurations and juxtapositions in timelines. In the universe, energy is related to space and time and matter. E=STM is related to what is noticable.


People seem to enjoy a challenge, and that helps give purpose and enjoyment of life as experience. A game to alleviate depression is to see if you can figure out how to come up with various uses for things, and to do that.


2/25/2012 Justin M Coslor -- A Universal Standard Unit?

I was wondering about what standard units such as the meter and the foot are based on, and is it Universal (not based on the symmetry shape and compression density of the timeline space position that it is represented in)? Hopefully equations such as [ Pi = Circumference / Diameter (when Diameter = 1) ] are true everywhere in the Universe, at least in simulation. Can a measurable calculatable unit be Universally expressible, and if so is it a matter of epistemology? By epistemology I metaphorically mean: "can the size of the chicken be measured in terms of the size of the egg?" Can we use a model of that egg to measure and represent the energy and location and densities of the giblets and beak of this Universe? If you have an answer to this question please let me know. Thanks.


Sciences are compatible and may be from setting goals and asking networks of questions in the pursuit of formalizable truth, such as storing and arranging patterns in contexts. The mind tries to make patterns out of pieces of thoughts and memories and guesses, and interconnects similar to a post office mail network. Can you think of anything that cannot be described in terms of Patterns In Contexts? "The Entscheidungsproblem asks for an algorithm that will take as input a description of a formal language and a mathematical statement in the language and produce as output either "True" or "False" according to whether the statement is true or false." "the first step would have to be a clean formal language" So it seems that the Entscheidungsproblem (Hilbert's 'Decision Problem') was from Liebniz after he made a mechanical calculator (maybe similar to Babbage) and it led to Turing Machines and that led to Computer Science. So computer science began with the Entscheidungsproblem, and was an attempt to solve problems described by formal systems such as computer programming languages. So it seems like PICForm could be a clean formal language for describing problems, and the One-Button Programmable Computer 20101220CoslorJustinM-One-Button-Programmable-Computer.jpg could be used like a Turing Machine to solve problems expressed in PICForm software (see words.txt on PICForm). So that is how PICForm could be related to Hilbert's Program.

I was on page 4 of reading Turing, A.M. (1950). Computing machinery and intelligence. Mind, 59, 433-460. when the One-Button-Programmable-Computer idea occurred to me and so I worked it out on a piece of paper. Mathematical operators and subroutine functions are specified by the quantitative and qualitative prefixes of every binary string. "The atomic operations of a Turing machine are six in number: (i) move the tape left one square; (ii) move the tape right one square; (iii) read ...(i.e. identify) the symbol currently under the head; (iv) write a symbol on the square of tape currently under the head (after first deleting the symbol already written there, if any); (v) change state; (vi) halt." I believe that the halting problem can be solved by implementing approximations, such that all truth is but an approximation of a deeper truth. I believe that this is possible by "Sine Spiral Graphing" a system I invented in highschool regarding the spiral-like helix trigonometry of orbits via graphing the motion of systems complex circlular motions through time. Space is the inbetween, and is potential for motion that holds a compression or dilation. Information by its very nature is a division, yet it strives to become whole, and at the very least to become balanced. If something is not accurate then it is somewhat false, yet even if it is thought to be accurate it can be recontextualized into a bigger picture and thus thought to be only an approximation of truth and thus somewhat false in other contexts.


(The following pattern (see .jpg images below) can be extended along a numberline far beyond quintillions of interconnected Integer digits long, far more than just the 65 interconnected numberline digits shown in the diagrams below.)

The Energy Grid diagrams represent a scalable sample visualization of the number theory algebra of Integer base 2 exponent equations that could be used for things like computer memory circuit board designs or city planning or alternative route mathematics. It represents the Integer number theory interconnection of base 2 exponents and their coefficients and offsets. It might also be relatable to Boolean Logic. The secret to choosing an optimal equation to represent any given node, is to choose the largest exponent (level) that does not overshoot the number, and then choose the largest coefficient (group) at that exponent level that does not overshoot the number, and then the choice of the offset (remainder) is similarly determined to predictably represent the offset (remainder) given that exponent and coefficient. Remember that in application it will be necessary to represent the interconnected nodes along a numberline enormously longer than the one shown in the sample diagrams, such that recursion of these methods would simplify the representation of large Integer nodes. The level, group, and offset of Integer base 2 exponent equations is representable in that way, although I do not know if it could be used for some kind of data compression.




7/3/2011 Justin Coslor -- Old Saying

"No one is the sum of their mistakes."


6/30/2011 Justin Coslor -- Priorities

Everyone has priorities and unidentified priorities that shape their beliefs and decisions and actions. Beliefs are decisions, and often carry emotional gravity. Decisions are reactions, and reactions are based on expectations. Expectations are often flexible since they are based partially on evidence and guesses about reality, and there are many reasons for everything. Knowing some of the reasons can improve insight and intuition. Every moment can be a decision point if recognized.



[476KB] 20100822-Coslor-Justin-M---PICForm-and-Priority-Systems.wmv


3/17/2011 Justin M Coslor

Here is a metaphor I thought of today that simplifies decision science: "Go forward or turn."


I think taxes are a great idea. They hardly cost anyone anything much at all and they support a tremendous amount of infrastructure including support for a high civilian and military standard if living.

If something can be proven using a formal system, then it can only be disproven in a different context.


10/14/2011 Justin M Coslor -- Trigonometry Update

A Sine Wave describes up and down motion as time passes like a side view of a spiral or a side view of other motion, and a Cosine Wave describes side to side motion as time passes like a top view of a spiral or a top view of other motion, and the Unit circle is a front view of such motion like the front view of a spiral created by one of the hands on a clock going around in a circle as time passes along the Z-axis that goes through its center of rotation.



Sine_Spiral_Graphing.pdf helix orbit trigonometry mathematics (1997)

7/17/2010 Justin M Coslor --- Orbits

From my Sine Spiral Graphing work I understand the well known equation E=MC^2 to mean that Energy is proportional to the inversely proportional values of Mass and the Speed of light rotating in two perpendicular dimensions: X and Y around Z the timeline of the Mass. In a recursive helix timeline simulation, increasing the exponent by adding more variables would increase the complexity of the motion.

Sine_Spiral_Graphing.pdf Sine Spiral Graphing is about Helix spiral trigonometry, written in 1997 at age 16 by Justin M Coslor. For orbit math and complex circular motion.





7/16/2010 Justin M Coslor - The Contextualization of Patterns

Minds contextualize patterns out of pieces of thoughts and memories and guesses from sensory input timelines and non-linear associations of pattern mapped data. Knowledge is contextualized patterns. Thinking is storing and grouping knowledge into neural networks that optimize maps succinctly to understand, prioritize, and utilize sensory input data in interchangeable contexts and other frameworks.


How to make windmill blades out of 55 gallon oil drum barrels to grind grain, saw logs, pump water, generate electricity, etc. 20100706windmill.jpg


How to make a portable shelf out of rope or twine: 20100801-Portable-Shelf-Knotwork-Idea.JPG [Public Domain idea] An appropriate technology idea.



Helmets could be lined with a form-fitting water storage bladder to make them fit better, and to keep the wearer's head cool, and to have an emergency water supply that could be drinkable.



To prevent the loss of life, all guns should be equipped with a Taser option built into the firearm.



Midpoint Divisor Conjecture of Prime Number Neighborhoods, discovered independently by Justin Coslor in 2010: Every prime number neighborhood of size one, is bordered by twin primes, and has a midpoint divisible by six (starting with the number six). Prime Number Neighborhoods of size three have a midpoint divisible by three; and Prime Number Neighborhoods of size five have a midpoint divisible by two; and Prime Number Neighborhoods of size seven have a midpoint divisible by three; and Prime Number Neighborhoods of size nine have a midpoint divisible by six; and there does not seem to be a common divisor for midpoints of Prime Number Neighborhoods that are of size eleven, yet Prime Number Neighborhoods of size thirteen seem to have a midpoint divisible by twelve. Introductory example: 858 is bounded by Twin Primes and it like all other Twin Primes I've ever tested, has a midpoint divisible by six...(Reason still unknown.) Here are some primes to verify these claims (it worked for every example that I've tested so far).: Here is another example of a Twin Prime midpoint being divisible by six (located near the fifty-millionth prime number): 982451579 982451580 982451581 -- 982451580 / 6 = 163741930

The odd or even parity of midpoints between consecutive prime numbers. midpoints.txt


Anaglyphs On The Squad Car for 3D Police Video anaglyphs.txt

Fingerprints On The Squad Car 20100915-Fingerprints-On-The-Squad-Car.txt







2009 Universe fence post --

PICFont Alphabet Screenshot

PICFont (.svg InkScape Vector Graphics Editor Format) for later use as PICForm/PICVis assembly language.

20100730-Rope-Folds.jpg rope folding algorithm

11-04-2009-ADDITION-CHART-POSSIBILITIES.TXT A Natural Number System Logical Tautology


The dangers of micromanaging time


Rough draft of 20090930_Ohms_Law.txt that needs editing and revision.

Possibility Thinking: Explorations in Logic and Thought

6/29/2010 Parallel Circuit Equations In electronics, when there is a parallel circuit, it can be thought of in terms of input into the numerator, and output devided up in pieces of the denominator. For instance, INPUT=OUTPUT= (Input_Numerator / ((Input_1/Output_1)+(Input_2/Output_2)+(Input_3/Output_3)+(Input_4/Output_4) )) Such that each (Input/Output) is a parallel branch of the circuit for a resistor or capacitor. Another way to write that is 1 = 1 / ((1/4)+(1/4)+(1/4)+(1/4)).



1 : 0 :: true : false :: yes : no

In the equation of the distance around any circle, Circumference = 2*Radius*Pi = Pi * Diameter because Diameter = 2*Radius. So Circumference / Diameter = Pi. So therefore Pi is exactly equal to the circumference of a circle divided up into lengths of curved diameters. The circumference of a circle is equal to three curved diameters + a small remainder that is less than one curved diameter that is equal to the leftover portion of the Circumference minus 3 curved diameters. Such that the Circumference around each and every circle is exactly equal to Diameter + Diameter + Diameter + (Circumference - Diameter - Diameter - Diameter). So Circumference = approximately 3.14 curved Diameters, so Pi = approximately 3.14.



Pi Minus Three a Helix Orbit poem.


8/6/2010 Justin Coslor

Prime Experiments


In the Natural Number System,


All prime numbers (with the exception of the number 2) are odd.

All odd numbers are only divisible by odd numbers.

All even numbers are divisible by 2.


Duplicates produce the only instances of even numbers.

The rest are all odd numbers multiplied by odd numbers,

including prime numbers other than 2.




20101101 Justin Coslor --- Emotional Instability

Sometimes emotional instability comes from unidentified priorities, self-defeating thinking patterns, lack of support, distress, or other psychological parameters.


20101101 Justin Coslor --- Distractions

Problems are distractions. Distractions are temporary.



Maybe there is some way to terraform a firmament of land in a gas giant planet. Perhaps then they could be further terraformed to support some kinds of life. There might be many more gaseous planets in this galaxy than Earth-like planets. I do not know how this idea could be done, though there is probably some way that has to do with the rotation of the particles. It seems like everything has something to do with orbits.


20110614 Coslor, Justin M. -- Safety Tips

If in a war in trenches it seems like a bulletproof Kevlar tarp could be draped over each trench to prevent shrapnel from a grenade or other ballistics from harming people in the trenches. Also people's rifles could be equipped with a rear-view mirror to quickly see what is behind them. Also, bomb-squad teams could carry duct tape, weather balloons, and helium tanks so that if a bomb cannot be defused then it could be duct-taped to a weather balloon and released in the air to drift far into the atmosphere away from people where it would not be able to harm anything if it exploded.


20110617 Coslor, Justin M. -- Wireless Computer Chip Interconnection

Maybe computers could be made such that instead of having the circuit chips connected together using hard wired circuit-board pathways, they could instead have the chips all wirelessly connected to each other and merely be plugged in to the appropriate power supplies and heat sink cooling devices. It would simplify a whole lot of complicated interconnection wiring, to do it all wirelessly.


20110617 Coslor, Justin M. -- PICLatin

PICForm could be like speaking in Latin & Greek epistemologically to speak in terms of scientific definitions of what is, rather than speaking with words that only represent what things are called. It could be good for both people and computers.


20110621 Coslor, Justin M. -- Necessity

If something would be helpful to a lot of people without being harmful to anyone then it must be done.


20110621 Coslor, Justin M. -- Realtime Telerobotic Job Outsourcing

Personal computers with internet connections or video game consoles connected to landline telephones or hand-held smartphone devices could be accurately used to simulate and remotely perform many hourly-wage jobs that are tied to realtime factory or workplace equipment. For instance, there are telerobotic surgery systems that physicians can use to perform surgery remotely with the enhanced precision of a robot from anywhere in the world. Similar systems could be used to employ people in a wide range of occupations.


2/29/2012 Justin M Coslor -- Friendly Intelligence License --

About five or more years ago I invented the Friendly Intelligence License, as a simple an ethical alternative to "Public Domain" and various tedious and complicated disclaimers. This is it:

"[Friendly Intelligence License: Universally free everywhere forever for all use that does not treat anyone badly.]"

That is all there is to it. Anyone may use it for honest work.

This is to simplify and make compatible all law and forms of ethics: "The basis of law is to keep people from treating each other badly."

2011 Justin Coslor -- Math Patterns Volume #1

[Friendly Intelligence License applies] Math Patterns Volume #1

2011 Justin Coslor -- Possibility Thinking: Explorations in Logic and Thought (Second Edition)

[Friendly Intelligence License applies] Possibility Thinking: Explorations in Logic and Thought (Second Edition)


20110805 Justin Coslor -- DNA Natural Numbers

Recently I discovered four kinds of Natural Numbers: Even Evens, Odd Odds, Odd Evens, and Even Odds. Perhaps the four different amino acids in DNA (A,G,C,T) each represent the four kinds of Natural Numbers. For instance maybe something like this: A = Even Evens, G = Odd Odds, C = Odd Evens, and T = Even Odds? Another thought is that AGCT molecules are like electronic components connected in parallel and series.


20110717 Coslor, Justin M. -- Road Simplification Project



20110726 Justin M Coslor -- Wireless Computer CPU interconnection

(exponent scalable processors, boxes of CPU's within boxes of CPU's)

Yesterday I was thinking about a post-it note that Seth Casana gave me about cubes of cubes as exponents, and I had a later thought about wireless laser-light connected computer chips, and maybe there could be a waterproof hollow cube (a box) lined with computer central processing unit chips with pointable laser light emmitters and detectors on each that interconnect them by sending laser light signals between them across the inside of the box. The box itself could be emmersed in liquid nitrogen to keep it cool and could be arbitrarily large with many interconnected cpus in it. Also, mirrors could be used to interconnect cpu's around corners that do not have a direct line of sight between them. Five of the six sides of a cpu laser cube could be emmersed in liquid nitrogen, and the sixth side (maybe by way of mirrors) could have a pointable laser emitter and detector, and there could be a bigger box lined with cpu cubes interconnected with mirrors and line-of-sight laser beam transmissions, cooled similarly. So that might be one way to make recursively powerful computer systems. Maybe such a thing already exists? -- Justin Coslor 7/26/2011.


8/24/2011 Justin M Coslor -- Prime Tagging Substitution for Data Compression, optimized by an initial offset

This is about Prime to Prime Tag Substitution as a form of Data Compression. I thought of this in the laundrymat in July 2011. I looked it up afterwards on the internet and it looks like someone posted an article on it in 2005. Is it valid (does it really work?)? A computer hard drive or document in a file system could be represented by one big number that uses a simple syntax to represent qualitative and quantitative dimensions of information such as data structures and content. The number of digits of that number can be compressed in that way using offset prime number tag substitution and simple representation syntax to losslessly reduce the number of digits required to equivalently represent it in a consistent and complete formal system such as the integers. It seems like prime numbers would be much larger than their tag numbers when dealing with large prime numbers, but not succinct when dealing with prime numbers less than a certain number of digits long, so offset the tag numbers by however many digits or so to skip over the small prime matches whose tag numbers are not significantly less digits than the prime numbers that they represent. There are many ways to encode that. For example, prime number substitution tags can be prefixed by the letter "P" and suffixed with either a comma (when followed by an unchanged block of digits) or suffixed with a "P" when followed by another prime number substitution ordering tag, with all tag orderings offset by however many small prime numbers that should be skipped to be digitally succint. Integers can be represented in binary and vice versa, as well as other sytems. A prerequisite layer of numbers such as ASCII or Unicode (or others) could differentiate between qualitative and quantitative data such as syntax and semantics. In binary machine code computer software, the syntax identifies qualitative dimensions, and the semantics identifies quanitative dimensions. A standardized binary translation lookup table for the syntax and semantics can be used to convert the file into binary, and from binary into integers, and from integers into sequences of prime number match tag substitutions, with tags optimized by ignoring and skipping small prime numbers and separated by a simple two symbol syntax (one symbol prefixing prime tags, and another symbol prefixing original integerized blocks of data), with all of it representable as one long computable binary exponent number. (Updated on 2/25/2012 by Justin M Coslor)


8/7/2011 Justin Coslor -- Pain Detector

I was in the emergency room (on August 7th, 2011) getting my ears cleaned out because I had a blueberry sized chunk of earwax in each ear, when I was looking at the medical devices and thought that doctors could make good use of a pain detector. It could be something portable that is made out of a crank-dynamo or battery powered microcontroller with some kind of cellular distress sensors connected to it capable of locating and quantifying the intensity of regions of the body that are in pain. This could be useful for use on babies, people unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate, and could be used by emergency response medics and battlefield medics and doctors and nurses. It could also help doctors avoid lawsuits.


August 2011 Justin Coslor -- Line of Sight Secure Communication

A constantly activated laser beam shaped like a hollow tube could shield an internal laser beam broadcasting a binary or morse code communication inside the laser tube so that the message is securely transmitted from sender to receiver directionally without anyone else being able to see the laser beam data communication inside the tube, they would only be able to see the tube shaped laser light which would appear to outsiders as a line of light, and the signal inside it would be hidden that way.


20111009 Coslor, Justin M. -- Visualizing Work and the Cosine of Zero

Here is how to visualize the equation depicting "Work" in terms of Sine Spiral Graphing. Work = Force * Distance * Cosine of Zero. Cosine of zero = 1 -- and since Cosine is a top view of a spiral, Cosine of zero equals 1 when triangulated in the Unit Circle (the front view of a spiral) means adjacent over hypotenuse (i.e. 1/1 in this case, which equals cosine of zero), so from the front view of a potential spiral, cosine of zero means that the front view is a straight horizontal line (in the X axis) through the origin at the same height (Y=height) as time elapses (Z=time elapsed). So Cosine of Zero is a how to say motion through time at the same height, such as motion at ground level or motion at sea level. That is a physics application of trigonometry. In short, cosine is side to side motion over time, and sine is up and down motion over time. So cosine of zero means that there is no side to side motion over time, therefore instead of circular motion over time looking like a three dimensional helix spiral (of X,Y unit circle rotation around a Z-axis timeline through the origin), the motion would look like a two-dimensional sine wave. (Updated 2/25/2012 by Justin M Coslor)


20120123 Coslor, Justin M. -- Soft Wire for small manual and robotic tools. --

Scientists could benefit from tiny microscopic or nano sized wires coated with something to make them soft or spring-like to avoid damaging the subject matter that they prod or lift or grip. It could be similar to adding a layer of gel-pack skin or foam or rubber to a robot claw or pointy stick, to avoid damaging whatever it makes contact with.





From color comes shape,

and from shape comes size,

we triangulate images

that come into our eyes.

Justin M Coslor 1999


"Helix Orbit"

A circle or sphere,

a spiral of sound:

pi is the reciprocal

of across to around.

Pi is approximately 3.14 double radians

{curved diameters} around the circumference

of a circle.

10/30/2009 Justin Coslor


"Sine Spiral Graphing"

Side to side,

up over and down,

as time passes through,

around sum, set, and noun.

Like the Sun and the Moon,

beyond Earth through the sky,

the energy spirals,

Sine : Cosine :: and Pi.

Justin M Coslor 2/12/2013


"Reasoning Engines"

1. Knowledge as patterns in contexts.

2. Thinking as storing and grouping knowledge.

Justin M Coslor 9/21/2001


"Mathematical Patterns"

Another way to say "Mathematical Patterns" is

"Numbered Overlap". Mathematics is all about

reverse engineering the realities that we live in

and that of "possibility space".

Justin M Coslor 2013


"Update to the Dewey Decimal System"

The categories of the Dewey Decimal System

for library books and email sorting can each be

replaced with a unique odd prime number, all

multiplied together for meaninful prime topic

factoring; and if the work is fiction its composite

will be an even number.

Justin M Coslor 2013





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